Garmin Lily 2 Classic vs Lily Classic

Garmin Lily 2 Classic was released in January 2024. It supersedes the first-generation Lily Classic smartwatch.

We compare the Garmin Lily 2 Classic and Lily Classic edition smartwatches below.

The main differences between the Garmin Lily 2 Classic and Lily Classic smartwatches are shared below:

  • Lily 2 Classic is compatible with NFC payments.
  • Lily 2 Classic is made of anodized aluminum.
  • Lily 2 Classic comes with nylon band options in addition to the leather and silicone band options.
  • Lily 2 Classic provides sleep score metrics.
  • Lily 2 Classic offers additional activity profiles for HIIT, Indoor rowing, and Dance fitness.
  • Lily 2 Classic supports an incident detection feature for walking, running, and biking.

Apart from these stated differences, all other features and capabilities of Garmin Lily 2 Classic and Lily Classic are identical.

Garmin Lily 2 Classic smartwatch

Garmin Lily 2 Classic supports NFC or contactless payments. You can use the Garmin Pay app to make NFC payments. Lily Classic does not support NFC payments.

NFC payments allow you to make contactless payments through the wallet account configured on the smartwatch. You can add funds to your wallet account from the supported merchant or participating Banks.

Specific Banks in specific countries support linking the wallet to the Bank account.

  • Garmin Lily 2 Classic is slightly lighter and weighs 21.4 gm while the Lily Classic weighs 24.0 gm.
  • Lily 2 Classic offers quick-release bands in nylon, silicone, and leather. Lily Classic offers a standard leather band and silicone band.
  • The body and bezel of Lily 2 Classic are made of anodized aluminum. The body of Lily Classic is made of fiber-enforced polymer. The bezel of Lily Classic is made of stainless steel.

The dimensions of Lily 2 Classic and Lily Classic are shared below.

DimensionsLily 2 ClassicLily Classic
Watch size35.4 x 35.4 x 10.1 mm34.50 x 34.50 x 10.15 mm
Thickness10.1 mm10.15 mm
Display size25.4 mm x 21.3 mm25.4 mm x 21.3 mm
Display resolution240 x 201 pixels240 x 201 pixels
Recommended wrist circumference110-175 mm110-175 mm

Garmin Lily Classic does not support the incident detection feature. Lily 2 Classic offers incident detection for select activities.

Incident Detection is a supplemental feature that must be set up within the Garmin Connect™ app. It SHOULD NOT be relied on as a primary method to obtain emergency assistance. Neither your device nor the Garmin Connect app contacts emergency service on your behalf.

When an incident is detected on your device, Garmin Connect can send your name and location (if available) to your emergency contacts. Your location is determined using our LiveTrack location tracking feature. LiveTrack creates a real-time feed of your location during an activity. You must set up Incident Detection and emergency contacts in the Garmin Connect app. 

As of today, the Lily 2 Classic supports incident detection features for the following profiles:

  • Biking
  • Running
  • Walking

Lily 2 Classic supports HIIT workouts, Indoor Rowing, and Dance Fitness activity profiles in addition to the Strength, Cardio, Elliptical Training, Stair Stepping profiles.

Activity profilesLily 2 ClassicLily Classic
Supported activity profilesHIIT workouts, Indoor rowing, Dance fitness, Strength, Cardio, Elliptical Training, Stair SteppingStrength, Cardio, Elliptical Training, Stair Stepping

Lily 2 Classic has a list price of $279.99 and Lily Classic comes at a cost price of $249.99.

For the $30 spent extra on the Lily 2 Classic smartwatch, you get the following benefits:

  • Body made of anodized aluminum
  • Sleep score metrics
  • Incident detection for running, biking, and walking.
  • NFC payments or contactless payments through the Garmin Pay app.

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