Garmin Epix 2 vs Epix 2 Sapphire

Epix 2 smartwatch was released by Garmin in 2022. The watch can be called one of the top end smartwatches made by Garmin. One of the best aspects of the Epix 2 is the fancy look of the watch.

Epix 2 comes in a general edition and a Sapphire edition. The cost difference between these two watches is $100.

What are the main points of distinction between the Epix 2 and Epix 2 Sapphire edition watches?

Main differences

  • Epix 2 Sapphire edition watch has a Sapphire glass while the Epix 2 standard edition has a Corning Gorilla Glass.
  • Epix 2 Sapphire edition comes with multi-band GPS mode. Epix 2 standard lacks this feature.
  • Epix 2 Sapphire has higher device storage than Epix 2 standard watch.
  • Epix 2 Sapphire edition watches have a titanium bezel while the Epix 2 standard has stainless steel bezel.
  • Epix2 Sapphire watches have a rear cover made of titanium while the Epix 2 standard edition has a rear cover made of stainless steel.
  • Epix 2 Sapphire costs $999.99 and the Epix 2 Standard edition costs $899.99.
  • Epix 2 Sapphire watches come in titanium black and white colors while the Epix 2 watch has a slate gray colored bezel and watch body.

Practically, these are all the differences between the Epix 2 Sapphire and Epix 2 standard editions.

Let us expand on the basic features of Epix 2 Sapphire and Epix 2 below.

Garmin Epix 2 Sapphire edition


Epix 2 watches have an AMOLED display. This results in a bright screen with high clarity. The display resolution of Epix 2 Sapphire and Epix 2 are comparable.

Apart from this, both watches support the Always-on display mode.

The major difference in display specifications is the type of display lens used in watches. Epix 2 uses a more traditional Corning Gorilla Glass in the display lens.

Epix 2 Sapphire uses sapphire glass in the watch. Sapphire glass is made of sapphire crystals, the second hardest mineral in the world. Sapphire is known for its hardness and strength.

Due to the sapphire glass, Epix 2 Sapphire edition offers you a virtually scratchless experience. Sapphire glasses are known to handle abuse very well.

The generic display specifications are shared below.

Display specificationsEpix 2 SapphireEpix 2 Standard
Display lensSapphire glassCorning Gorilla Glass
Display resolution416 X 416 pixels416 X 416 pixels
Display size1.3″ or 33 mm1.3″ or 33 mm
Color displayYesYes
Always on displayYesYes
Pixel density350 ppi350 ppi

In our experience, Epix 2 Sapphire’s sapphire display lens makes it a premium watch. Sapphire glasses are considered scratchless.

Physical specifications

The hardware specifications for Epix 2 Sapphire and Epix 2 standard edition are almost identical to a large extent.

There is an important difference in terms of the internal storage or device storage of Epix 2 Sapphire and Epix 2 watches.

SpecificationsEpix 2 SapphireEpix 2 Standard
Watch size47 x 47 x 14.5 mm47 x 47 x 14.5 mm
Watch weight53 g47 g
Thickness14.5 mm14.5 mm
Watch bodyFiber-enforced polymer with titanium rear coverFiber-enforced polymer with stainless steel rear cover
BezelTitaniumStainless steel
Band size22 mm22 mm
Band materialSiliconeSilicone
Band optionsSilicone, metal, fabric and leatherSilicone, metal, fabric and leather
Recommended wrist circumference125-208 mm (silicone)125-208 mm (silicone)
Device storage32 GB16 GB
Water rating10 ATM10 ATM
Color optionsSlate greyTitanium black and white

The hardware specifications of Epix 2 and Epix 2 Sapphire are largely similar.

Epix 2 Sapphire has 32 GB internal storage and bezel made of titanium. These are decent addons from the 16 GB internal storage and steel bezel of the Epix 2 standard edition.

Notably, Epix 2 Sapphire has titanium black and white color offerings while the Epix 2 standard comes in slate grey color.

Epix 2 general edition


There are absolutely no differences in backup offered by Epix 2 Sapphire and Epix 2 standard edition watches.

It may be pertinent to mention the battery backup of both Epix 2 variants below.

Watch modeEpix 2 SapphireEpix 2 Standard edition
Smartwatch modeUp to 16 days (6 days always-on)Up to 16 days (6 days always-on)
Battery Saver Watch Mode Up to 21 daysUp to 21 days
GPS OnlyUp to 42 hours (30 hours always-on )Up to 42 hours (30 hours always-on )
All Satellite Systems Up to 32 hours (24 hours always-on)Up to 32 hours (24 hours always-on)
All Satellite Systems + MusicUp to 10 hours (9 hours always-on)Up to 10 hours (9 hours always-on)
Max Battery GPSUp to 75 hoursUp to 75 hours
Expedition GPS Up to 14 daysUp to 14 days
All Satellite Systems + Multi-bandUp to 20 hours (15 hours always-on)Multi-band not available

Battery backup of Epix 2 Sapphire and Epix 2 Standard editions is not a differentiator. Both offer similar backups.


The most significant functional difference between Epix 2 Sapphire and Epix 2 watch is the multi-frequency positioning sensor of Epix 2 Sapphire.

The multi-frequency positioning sensor in Epix 2 Sapphire adds multi-band GPS capability to the watch.

Multi-band GPS allows you to take GPS data from multiple satellites at the same time. This improves the accuracy of GPS data. Multi-band GPS is very useful when the GPS signals are weak.

The downside to using multi-band GPS is the heavy battery drain.

To resolve battery drain issues with multi-band GPS, Garmin added a SatIQ sensor to the Epix 2 Sapphire watch.

SatIQ sensor and technology is an intelligent technology. It helps in automatically turning on or off the multi-band GPS mode.

If the quality of GPS signals is not good, SatIQ will turn on the multi-band GPS mode. If the GPS signals are strong, SatIQ will turn off the multi-band GPS off and use the simple mode.

The combination of multi-band GPS and SatIQ technology improves the quality of GPS data and experience on an Epix 2 Sapphire watch.

Each penny of the incremental money spent on Epix 2 Sapphire over Epix 2 can be justified on account of the multi-band GPS and SatIQ technology.

Final verdict

For the extra $100 spent on Epix 2 Sapphire edition watch, we get:

  • Sapphire glass. Sapphire glass is harder and virtually scratch resistant.
  • Multi-band GPS and SatIQ technology for vastly improved GPS performance.
  • Titanium bezel.
  • Device storage of 32 GB instead of 16 GB.

Therefore, we find that the Epix 2 Sapphire edition smartwatch is worth every penny spent and adds functionality and a fancier look to the smartwatch.

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